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Dental laboratory

The collaboration of orthopedic surgeons and dental technicians’ team together with the availability of state-of-the-art dental laboratory and foundry plays a significant part in a full-fledged complex of orthopedic alignment.

The possibility of making engineering works on-site enables to carry out an individual selection of colour and anatomical tooth form. Subtle approach and up-to-date materials are the guarantee of faultless fidelity and possibility to take into account all necessary individual peculiarities of every patient while working.

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Thanks to these possibilities and the professionalism of our dental technicians the terms of making orthopedic works are considerably shortened.

The materials used in our laboratory are ceramic mixtures of the latest generation on the basis of precious metal alloys (gold and titanium) and metalless ceramics (zirconium and pressed).

Our foundry works on modern equipment with materials of Dako (Italy) and Schutz Dental (Germany), which gives the possibility to make the most accurate castings of any level of complexity with the use of a wide range of metals: clasps made of titanium, precious metal alloys (casting of individual implant abutment), cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium alloys.

For execution of long duration works we use laser or electromagnetic pulse welding in an argon medium (Schutz Dental - Germany). All works are being made in the articulators of the SAM company (Germany) irrespective of the complexity level, which makes it possible to make high-accuracy orthopedic works.

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The main work area of the foundry is a casting with the use of precious metal alloys. Each completed work is an inimitable individual quality standard, that gives pleasure not only a patient, but also the team of professionals who do their best in order to achieve the result.

Thanks to the wide range of materials and modern equipment our laboratory carries out a wide spectrum of works for orthodontics and elastodontics. There is also a possibility of impeccable making of other dental institutions’ orders according to the dental laboratory service price list.

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