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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is probably one of the most delicate areas of general dentistry. It is pedodontists who have no right to make mistake, as not only milk but also permanent teeth are under threat.

Some diseases, rather their complications may cause lesions or loss of permanent teeth germs. The absence of prophylaxis of hard tooth tissues lesion, untreated milk tooth caries and therefore its complications such as pulpitis and periodontitis lead to irreversible consequences for all dentoalveolar system of a child.

The more so, that work with the youngest patients sometimes requires not only high communication skills but also the knowledge of child psychology. Every child is special, with unique temper, wishes, aspirations, feelings and fears. The doctor, who aims at gaining the confidence of a child, should take it into consideration. When kind doctor finds the way to little patient’s heart, it becomes possible to collaborate really qualitatively and fruitfully.

The pedodontists of our clinic have vast experience of communication even with the youngest patients. Their knowledge of up-to-date diagnosis and treatment techniques together with availability of cutting-edge materials and equipment guarantees high-quality and skilled medical care of your child.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry 1 Pediatric dentistry 2

Children's dental room of our clinic provides the following services:

  • Various methods of prophylaxis of hard tooth tissues diseases (ozone therapy, milk and permanent tooth fossae and tooth fissures sealing, superficial remineralization, deep fluorination and so on)
  • Various methods of treatment of milk and permanent teeth caries (ozone therapy, ART technique, preparation without dental drilling machine, filling by up-to-date materials, use of coloured glittering fillings, milk tooth restoration and so on)
  • Modern techniques of treatment of pulpites and periodontites with the application of high-quality instruments and materials

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Pediatric dentistry

If there is a necessity of a spot filming, it can be done by means of up-to-date radiovisiograph, which provides maximum informativeness of an image with minimum radiation-absorbed dose.

For full-fledged multimodality therapy we draw in key specialists of orthodontic and surgical specialization.

An individual approach to dental treatment of children taking into consideration their age, general condition, stage of tooth development with the use of appropriate filling materials and implementation of complex of preventive measures will provide a full-blown function of dentoalveolar system of your child.

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