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Complex diagnostics

Bene diagnoscicur, bene curator Well made diagnosis means good treatment Hippocrates

Complex diagnostics is a survey technique, which makes it possible to determine existent derangements, functional teeth overload and to institute therapy. As it is known, the dentition consists of jaws, temporomandibular joints, masticatory musculature, nerves, vessels, salivary glands, lymph nodes, teeth with their occlusal complex and parodentium tissues. Being healthy, these components function physiologically and morphologically synchronously. Derangements, changes or diseases of one of the components of masticatory system may influence the condition of its other structures.

Complex diagnostics is carried out according to the examination design with subsequent discussion of results with a patient and treatment planning at general consultation.

Complex diagnostics includes:

  1. 1. Patients primary inspection:
    • patient complaints
    • dental history taking
    • physical examination data filling
    • dental formula filling
    • parodontic card filling
    • oral cavity physical examination
    • oral hygiene index determination
    • upper and lower jaw impression taking for making of diagnostic casts
  2. Computed tomography
  3. Orthopantomography - which is a panoramic image of teeth and temporomandibular joints.
  4. Teleradiography - an image which makes it possible to define a skeletal jaw relation, the height of face lower one-third, occlusal plane angle of slope, etc.
  5. Upper and lower jaw casts analysis in articulator - a device which displays the movements of the lower jaw.
  6. Computerized axiography - is an extra examination technique for the purpose of the determination of temporomandibular joint articulated axis. Graphical display of the lower jaw movements permits to define the pathology related to the joint and muscles.
  7. Clinical and functional diagnostics card filling, which includes general medical and dental history data, determination of the occlusal index, palpation of muscles and temporomandibular joints, neurologic examination, occlusion analysis.
  8. Photostatic analysis (photos in different projections).
  9. Work with Gamma Dental program, which makes it possible to plan a multimodality therapy by means of axiography and teleradiography data.
  10. MPI examination, with the help of which one can study the dislocation of articular heads in glenoid fossae in mm from the beginning of start position in 3 planes.
  11. MPV examination, which permits to make a repositioning occlusal splint for patients with temporomandibular joints dislocation problems.
  12. The demonstration of patients oral cavity state by means of intraoral camera.

The patient may be assigned to additional examinations when necessary: pulp vitality test (PVT), microbiological tests, clinical blood analyses, instrumental examination of organs and systems, allied specialist consultation.

Complex diagnostics 1 Complex diagnostics 2

Complex functional diagnostics is for You if:

  • Youre 40 or elder
  • Your enamel is too much rubbed away
  • You plan or have already had a large-scale dental treatment
  • Youve been done prosthetics
  • Youve malocclusion, bruxism, clicking of mandibular joint during mastication, headaches, disproportionate development of jaws, odontoloxia, etc.

Complex functional diagnostics is one of the main survey techniques during the planning of surgical treatment (implantation), which makes it possible to determine the conditions under which future construction supported on implants will function and to eliminate an occlusal trauma, which can be the proximate cause of implant loss in future.

The cost of complex diagnostics (general consultation with key specialists and treatment planning) is 3500 hrn.

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