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Room of Endodontics

Root canal treatment is quite difficult and important process.

This is due to the fact that a tooth root system has a complex structure: apart from the main canal, there are also lateral and deltoid branches where ideal conditions for microflora development are created.

The reason of all endodontic diseases is a microbiosis, and the main aim of dental therapist is the elimination of infection in the root system.

In this connection the department of preventive dentistry of Implantological centre was supplemented by endodontic division completed with modern equipment and materials. Our specialists - endodontic therapists - will give even a hopeless tooth a chance to survive and function.

Room of Endodontics 1 Room of Endodontics 2

The department of preventive dentistry is completed with up-to-date equipment:

  • dental operating microscope OPMI pico dent of Carl Zeiss (Germany);
  • ultrasonic apparatuses of "EMS" and "Satelec" with special endodontic tips
  • Trophy radio visiograph, which gives a possibility to display a dental X-ray image instantly. The characteristic feature of the radio visiograph is the amount of irradiation got, which is several times less than the same index of an ordinary radiograph. It will be also possible to see the changes in the periapical tissues, examine a root position, measure the length of root canals, check the correctness of their obturation, etc.;
Room of Endodontics 3 Room of Endodontics 4
  • endodontic micro engine of "Morita" (Japan) with a built-in Apex locator the device for accurate determination of the root canal length;
  • modern endodontic instruments of leading firms for elaboration of root canals;
  • device for electric pulp test, which permits to carry out an extra test for assessment of dental pulp vitality;
  • system "E & Q Plus" of "Meta" for accurate three-dimensional root canal obturation by means of vertical high-temperature condensation technique;
  • Diodium 1064 laser of Shutz Dental for add activation of root system sterilizing solutions.
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