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X-ray diagnosis

IPST X-ray diagnosis department offers such services as:

  • computed tomography;
  • orthopantomography;
  • cephalometry;
  • TMJ tomography.

X-ray diagnosis

Computed tomography is conducted by means of dental tomographic scanner 3D Accuitomo XYZ from MORITA, world-known manufacturer of medical-technical products.

In comparison with stationary computed tomographic scanners 3D Accuitomo XYZ has essential advantages being applied in dentistry:

  • High optical resolution: more than 2 line pairs per millimeter;
  • Law radiation-absorbed dose: less than one thirtieth of a dose size while examination with stationary tomographic scanner (17,5 sec exposure);
  • Possibility of getting of 3D local part image 40 mm in diameter and 30 mm height.

Dental tomographic scanner 3D Accuitomo XYZ makes it possible to:

  • Determine the volume of residual bone tissue, monitor augmentation and implantation measures;
  • Conduct the diagnosis of maxillofacial tumors;
  • Assess the position of impacted, misplaced and supplemental teeth;
  • Conduct the diagnosis of periodontal pathology;
  • Conduct precise diagnosis of different endodontic pathologies and their complications;
  • Conduct the diagnosis of odontogenic and nonodontogenic damages of accessory sinuses of nose;
  • Conduct the tomography of joints and their 3D reconstruction;
  • Conduct the diagnosis of pathology of any localization in craniofacial area (including ENT, neurosurgical and endocrinological pathologies).

Initial X-ray examination of patients is carried out by means of state-of-the-art orthopantomograph Veraviewepocs from Morita.

This multifunctional apparatus permits to conduct:

  • Orthopantomography of children (there’s a special program for children) as well as of adults;
  • Examination of upper jaw sinuses;
  • Lateral temporomandibular joint tomography either with one’s mouth open or shut;
  • Cephalometry.

X-ray diagnosis 1 X-ray diagnosis 2

The duration of the procedure is the shortest one among the same indices of existing orthopantomographs; it’s only 8,2 sec, that rather appreciably reduces the radiation-absorbed dose.

Service cost:

  • Computed tomography – 350 hrn.;
  • Orthopantomography – 200 hrn.;
  • Cephalometry – 150 hrn.;
  • TMJ radiography – 150 hrn.;
  • Spot filming – 50 hrn.

Radiology department operating schedule: from Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Appointments are made directly by radiologist by 227-15-24

Doctors of radiology department:

  • Mazurenko Ol'ga Valentinovna
  • Eremeev Filipp Vladimirovich
  • Novak Tat'jana Grigor'evna

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