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Sterilization safety of dental treatment

At the present time special attention in medicine is given to the problem of patient safety provision in the process of treatment. One of the priority directions is the observance of tight epidemiological control, which rules out the infection in the process of treatment.

hygienic plan

In concordance with international norms and standards our medical centre carries out a special anti AIDS programmme for patient protection, that is a whole complex of measures according to which the newest disposable accessories and up-to-date antiseptics are used.

Medical centre provides its medical services according to worked out hygienic plan, which corresponds to all sanitary standards.

For every patient we use a disposable kit of consumables and an individual kit of sterile instruments, which is unsealed immediately in the presence of a patient.

All returnable instruments in our medical centre are sterilized in our sterilization room in autoclaves under 121/134˚ C with preliminary 15-minute cleaning in an ultrasonic chamber with the use of the latest disinfectant solutions.

After that the instruments are sealed up in thermo packages (by the instrumentality of packing machine), where the sterility is kept for a long time.

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Dental units by Castellini (Italy), our specialists work on, have the function of automatic sterilization.

Automatic sterilization is the function of disinfection and sterilization of all watercourses in dental unit after each patient, that provides reliable protection against cross colonization as well as the high level of hygienic protection, that is the guarantee of safety both for a doctor and a patient.

We do all our best to make our patients feel comfortable and be sure of the safety of treatment we provide as well as trust us down to the ground.

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