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Tooth restoration

Restoration room is one of the most expected for a patient as it is the place of aesthetic treatment implementation.

Tooth restoration 1

Tooth restoration

– is the regeneration of damaged tooth tissues with taking into consideration all aesthetic and functional peculiarities.

Up-to-date composite filling materials permit to completely restore colour, form, transparency and anatomical features of teeth and dental arches as well.

In our dental practice we extensively use such restoration techniques as:

  • Direct restorations by means of up-to-date composite materials directly in oral cavity;

  • Indirect restorations through in vitro making of ceramic crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers;

Tooth restoration 2
  • Complex restoration techniques, which fully ensure tooth function and meet the highest aesthetic requirements.

Tooth restoration is the procedure conducted by highly skilled doctors of our medical centre as it requires broad theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which are acquired by long-standing daily practice.

All materials we use in treatment process are produced by leading world manufacturers. They are divided according to aesthetic, functional and individual factors so that each patient is offered some particular type depending on his/her clinical situation.

Tooth restoration 3

Treatment mode depends on the peculiarities of patient’s diagnosis, that is formed after meticulous examination.

Patient’s wishes are taken into account at that as well as time needed for tooth restoration.

Your smile is the guarantee of your prosperity, success and beauty.

We’re waiting for you and we’re ready to make your smile perfect!

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