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Articulator diagnostics

Diagnostics by means of articulator is used in the process of initial examination of a patient and at the treatment stages (during orthodontic care, prosthesis, restorations).

Articulator is a device reflecting the lower jaw movements.

For jaw casts analysis in the articulator one needs three impressions (one upper jaw and two lower jaw ones), three casts of superplaster, that are plastered into the device in what follows.

Articulator diagnostics makes it possible to analyse the movements in temporomandibular joints, articular heads dislocation (with the help of add-on MPI device) as well as analyse occlusion contacts and lower jaw position in habitual occlusion and in centric relation.

Articulator diagnostics

Diagnostics utilizing articulator helps to define habitual occlusion of a patient together with his occlusion problems and starting point for further treatment.

Articulator permits to trace the movements of the lower jaw relative to the upper one (saggital joint angle and Bennett angle are set). Centric and eccentric occlusions are examined.

After the articulator diagnostics it’s possible to make a wax casting of future tooth alignment. For orthodontic treatment forecast Set-up is done.

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