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Computerized axiography

Our medical centre conducts computerized axiography by means of ultrasonic axiograph AXIOQUICK Recorder from SAM (Germany).

This technique is a new stage of development of ultrasonic systems for lower jaw motion recording, which are used for receiving, storage and analysis of functional 3D lower jaw motions data.

More over, there is a possibility of data receiving for setup of many types of articulators including fully regulated models. EMG system is available as an option; it’s used for analysis of muscle activity during any motions of lower jaw.

AXIOQUICK Recorder is a system that merges many systems of registration, that’s why it’s EXACT, FAST and SIMPLE for use.

It can be used before the treatment course for getting such 3D information as condylar process motion direction, masticatory model, movement amplitude data, anterior guidance pathways and condylar process position depending on tooth contacts. It’s also applied for joint dysfunction treatment, determination of indications for articular splint (relaxing, repositioning), etc.

Computerized axiography Computerized axiography 1

The system consists of:

  • AQR face bow and 8 ultrasonic sensor receivers and special locks;
  • lower bow with ultrasonic transmitters;
  • recording block;
  • fork, that is fixed to teeth;
  • pedal for recording process control;
  • SAM AxioQuick Recorder software, installed to a computer.

Unique to the AXIOQUICK Face bow/Recorder System is the special design and positioning protocol that is used to orient the upper AXIOQUICK Face bow/Recorder to the patient. Published research has shown that the anatomic porion/orbital reference plane is parallel to the interpupillary line of the patient.

By means of special transfer and fork fixed to the face bow you’ll have your upper cast mounted in the articulator correctly referenced to the interpupilliary line and the cranium. There is a possibility of getting the mid-sagittal plane and related to the true mandibular rotation axis within 1.1 to 1.2 mm. This makes the AXIOQUICK Face bow a true cranial related face bow.

Axiogram is a graphic representation of the recordings, which can be reproduced in real time.

Report makes it possible to view the condylar inclination, Bennett Guidance, and anterior guidance pathways in all 3 planes as well as motion analysis and click detection.

Diagram analysis permits to detect the volume of motions in joints, slipped disk, articular hypermobility, articular head position in joint, recommended curvature selections for both Condylar Pathways and Bennett Guidance inserts plus anterior guidance information for anterior incisal table.

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